A.T. Kearney

The retail financial services industry, like so many others, is responding to the mounting demands of sophisticated customers, stiff competition and a whirlwind technological revolution. This environment, historically impervious to change, has undergone its own revolution of sorts, with previous assumptions giving way to mega-mergers, convergence of previously unrelated areas of financial services, and technology-driven leaps in service offering, becoming the order of the day. On show #547C ("Customer Focused Banking"), World Business Review visits with a 70 year old worldwide management consultancy firm that is helping financial institutions navigate these thrilling, yet unforgiving market tides.

A.T. Kearney works with global financial institutions in reducing their delivery costs while improving the capabilities of their distribution networks to better meet customer needs through a practice it calls Integrated Channel Management. A.T. Kearney accomplishes these seemingly competing objectives (cost reduction and productivity gains) by targeting the roles and responsibilities of each channel to particular customer segments, products and activities. The process also involves implementing the proper management practices to support the strategy.

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Bathroom Vanity Plans: Improve The Look Of Your Bathroom Today!

If you wish to improve the look of your bathroom, you'll need to follow definite bathroom vanity plans. In fact, bathroom vanities play an important role in making this part of your house trendy and inviting. Fortunately, the contemporary market is just filled with different sorts of bathroom vanities for you to choose from. Even if everything is fine about your bathroom's design, you can get new vanities to spice it up a little bit.

But bathroom vanities don't only enhance the look of a bathroom, but they will also make it more functional by offering new storage units which are enough decorated to impress your visitors. Generally speaking, a bathroom vanity is a sort of a cabinet located under a bathroom sink. If you wish to get a new one for your bathroom as well, you'll need to consider a few things before purchasing it. And if you would like to have a new vanity unit installed in your bathroom during the next several weeks, follow the following useful bathroom vanity plans which will undoubtedly assist you in realizing your own project.

Walnut colored vanities will be an excellent choice for your bathroom. Walnut wood or any other kind of wood is a suitable material for producing bathroom vanity. The color of wood will provide your bathroom with a vintage 1920s look. Walnut cabinets look just awesome especially if combined with glassy knobs which can be noticed far away.

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Best Software, Inc.

Budgeting is arguably among the most arduous, at times, frustrating exercises for managers with spending authority or those charged with evaluating this spending (accounting staff, department heads, business planners, etc.). It is an annual ritual of prognostication with an output that is only as good as the information (data) and intellectual intelligence (people) that go into it. Each of its many components is dynamically tied to its overall integrity, since a change in any one of them could have repercussions that impact any number of other areas. As with any instrument developed from assumptions and projections, its soundness is contingent upon the degree to which a hypothetical scenario comes to fruition. In today's business climate, the only constant is constant change, making budgeting even more demanding a process. On show #549A ("Strategic Planning and Development") World Business Review looks at the solutions that are fostering strategic planning and budgeting synergies and helping companies respond more quickly to market and internal conditions.

Best Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEST), offers best-of-breed corporate resource management solutions, which help companies to better manage their people, fixed assets and planning processes. They help companies become more efficient planners by integrating their strategic planning and annual budgeting cycle with their enterprise data sources. They understand that an effective budgeting process requires collaboration and communication from people at all levels of an organization to accommodate frequent and rapid changes in business assumptions and drivers.

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